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LaPERLE has a gift for story telling. The author takes the time necessary to get the reader involved with each character no matter how much/little they have to do with the story. Excellent attention to detail when getting into each character's thoughts and personalities. Although the first chapter was a little difficult to follow it immediately kicked into gear and shortly afterwords went into high gear. I read a little each day but found myself finishing the last two chapters in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Although the characters were fictitious the ending was "real" and unexpected and I found myself wondering what the characters may be doing now. I highly recommend this reading for everyone 13 years and older. "Great job, LaPerle!"



A Tale To Remember!


"Notes For Elijah" is a spellbinding tale that unfolds in an unforgettable story about the surprising paths our lives often take and the power of fate to guide us to true and everlasting relationships. Laperle weaves a fascinating story and proves that tragedies can sometimes lead to unexpected joy. You will love this book!


Loved this book


This was a truly great book. I was captured from the first moment. You knew there was something special about Elijah from the beginning but had no idea how it would all connect. Everyone I passed the book to has enjoyed it as much as I have. I highly recommend this book to adults as well as teenagers.


Why do certain people come into our lives?


Curl up in your favorite spot and prepare to take a remarkable journey. The entwinement of characters masterfully delivers a story of paths crossed and deep routed connections. It will have you pondering your own relationships and reasons for their development. Hopefully we have not heard the last from Elijah. Enjoy!


fantastic book


exceptional story, starts a little slow,but then grabs your attention quickly. by the begining of second chapter you are engrossed,making it very hard to put book down.fantasticly emotional and unexpected ending.
hopefully wishing for a followup book.


Touching story with an unexpected ending

From the very beginning I was drawn into this story. You cannot help getting emotionally tied to these characters and their own life stories. It will leave you wishing it didn't end, wanting to know what becomes of each of the characters in the book.

I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who loves to get wrapped up in a great story.