R. R. LaPerle

Reader's Comments on
Notes For Elijah


“Heart warming and heart breaking”
“A tale to remember”
“You will love this book”
“Fantastically emotional”
“A remarkable journey”
“So moving I was brought to tears”
“A little mystery, a little love story”
“A strong loving message for all”
“What a wonderful story”






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About The Book

A close bond between a high school senior and her favorite teacher is quite understandable when one considers that the girl grew up without a mother, and the teacher lost her only child.

Even Kate’s immediate trust in a young man she meets for the first time, and knows nothing about, might be explainable given her limited experience with boys, and Elijah’s magnetic personality.

But, when these two relationships begin to seem somehow connected, Kate’s life turns into an obsession to solve the mystery that Elijah creates.

One reader may have said it best with “a little love story, a little mystery and something to learn along the way”.

This is an emotional, thought provoking story suitable for teens as well as adults.